Thrive Thursday February 2015 Round-Up

thriveWelcome to Thrive Thursday for February the month of love.  It’s a perfect month for me to host, because I LOVE THIS ROUND-UP and I love this community!

There’s TONS of great content this month, so let’s get going!

  • Mallory has a BRAND-NEW blog (aw yes new bloggers, welcome and keep writing!) and she wrote this great post about her World Record program and it sounds totally do-able and amazingly customizable.
  • Lindsey at the legendary Jbrary wrote about her adventures booktalking.  I loved her lists AND there are included Powerpoint presentations!
  • Brytani has a wonderful new addition to the list of character events with … a WINNIE THE POOH party! Um, yes.
  • I am OBSESSED with Lisa’s super-simple and super-wonderful Car Day program. All you need is tape and imagination!  I’m definitely doing this one!

Another amazing month of school-age programs.  If you wrote something in January that fits, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in.

THANK YOU to everyone who wrote and submitted something – you are all inspirations to program for this age and share ideas about it.  We CAN serve this age group just as well as we do babies and teens.  Let’s keep the conversation going!

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Thrive On!

12 Responses to “Thrive Thursday February 2015 Round-Up”

  1. Brytani Fraser

    Here a few Lisa already scooped up on Pinterest, too.

    Lisa schooled us all by WRITING A PLAY:

    The other Lisa put together this amazing boredom buster with nothing but masking tape:

    Kelly wrote about her adventures in booktalking:

    Jennifer shared her laid back and inspiring messy art program:

    And her snowy science program!

    Juana shared her fun, secret agent program:

    Rebecca wrote about yet another amazing library makeover! January was a game theme!

    And Meg wrote about her spy academy program: