Professional Life

2016 ALA Elections

I am standing for election on the 2017 Newbery ballot and I can’t believe I am actually typing that sentence but … there you have it.  It’s real. It’s really real! Even being on the ballot is just a dream come true and I am so grateful to ALSC for the great fortune of being…

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Show Me The Awesome: Stop Calling It Self-Promotion

Artwork by John LeMasney, It’s almost impossible for me to think of three librarians I admire and learn from more than Liz Burns, Kelly Jensen, and Sophie Brookover. They have acted as sounding boards, cheering squads, hand-holders, and inspirations for me in all aspects of my professional life. So, it was no surprise to me…

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In Memoriam: Richard Azar

“The best part of Kentucky Fried Chicken is the mashed potatoes and gravy.  And the best part of the mashed potatoes and gravy is, of course, the spork.” I explain this to Richard, my boss at the library, with great relish.  He peers at me through his dirty glasses with a look I know all too well….

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Get Out The Vote for the ALA Elections!

Are you a member of ALA?  Have you voted yet in our annual election?  It really couldn’t be simpler, they’ve already emailed us links to our ballots twice.  You can also just visit where you’ll find more info on how to vote. The polls close this Friday and getting out the vote is just…

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Game Shoes

“Sympathizers are spectators; empathizers wear game shoes.” -John Eyberg I have been so lucky in my professional life.  From the tight band of women who were my grad school friends and are now librarians and archivists all over the US to the friends and connections I made through my work in YALSA to the people…

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Body Positivity & Fat Acceptance @ 2010 YA Lit Symposium

It’s me!  A wonderful, blurry picture of me, snapped by the fabulous Allen Zadoff at the beginning of my pre-conference.  (I didn’t take any pictures because I wasn’t really thinking …) The YA Lit Symposium was a great time, especially once I survived my pre-conference!  I attended some really interesting and exciting sessions.  (and only…

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