2016 ALA Elections


I am standing for election on the 2017 Newbery ballot and I can’t believe I am actually typing that sentence but … there you have it.  It’s real. It’s really real! Even being on the ballot is just a dream come true and I am so grateful to ALSC for the great fortune of being selected for the ballot.

I hope if you’re reading this and are a member of ALSC, you’ll consider voting for me.  I have been a professional librarian since 2007 and since that time, I have worked tirelessly to expand my skills when it comes to critically evaluate material for children and teens.  I have served on the following selection committees: the 2011 William Morris Award Committee and the 2013 Excellence in Young Adult Non-Fiction Award. I am currently serving the second year of a two year appointment to the GLBTRT Stonewall Committee, Youth Subcommittee. I was also a member of  theALSC Quicklists Consulting Committee from 2013-2015 and when I first got involved with ALA, I served as a member and then chair of YALSA’s Outreach to Young Adults with Special Needs committee, 2008-2010. I’ve reviewed for School Library Journal for two year. I am also deeply committed to sharing my knowledge through presenting, training, and publishing.  You can find out more about that on my professional page.

Being a member of the Newbery committee has long been my highest professional goal because I do truly understand its importance and relevance to all of children’s literature. I would be a dedicated and diligent committee member and fully invest in the responsibilities of committee work, including all the reading (I’ve been practicing!) and in-depth, critical discussion. In addition, my workplace and supervisor support my committee work as does my significant other, ensuring that I would be able to focus on my committee duties as needed. Having the chance to serve on the Newbery committee would be an honor and a commitment I would not take lightly and one which I would work to fulfill to the best of my abilities.

Whether you can vote for me or not (not an ALSC member, I know how it goes) thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement – I have the BEST crew of supporters and conspirators out there and I am so grateful for everything.

BUT ALSO BESIDES ME – there are so many amazing people standing on ALL the ALA ballots, so if you’re a member, I hope you’ll take some time to read up on the candidates and VOTE! There are so many great people running, I’ve been talking about many of them on Twitter and I am so lucky to know and have worked with them!

But I want to take a second to talk about three specific women who are some of the smartest librarians I’ve ever met and who have each made me a better librarian.  They are essential, critical voices who would be HUGE assets to their committees, so I’d like to ask you to consider them as well.

For Caldecott: Katie Salo has taught me more about picture books than almost anyone and her deep understanding of the genre makes her a perfect fit for the Caldecott.
For Newbery: Sujei Lugo is a sharp, thoughtful, rigorous evaluator of kidlit and YA and every time I talk to her about books, she opens up new avenues of my understanding.  She would be an excellent member of the Newbery committee.
For Printz: Edith Campbell never fails to make me dig deeper and think harder.  Her astute and fearless analysis of YA and kidlit is beyond compare and she would be a wonderful addition to the Printz committee.

To everyone on this year’s ballot: congrats on being selected by your nominating committee and thank you for contributing to our professional world.  If you’re NOT involved in ALA, well, for me it’s been the most amazing professional experience of growth, learning, and connection so check out ALA! I’d also love to hear more in the comments, so if you’re standing on the ballot or know someone who is standing that you think is qualified, drop a note here or chat with me on Twitter.

Thank you so much for considering me!

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