Welcome Back!

So, did I miss anything major in 2020?

Yes, that’s right it’s a relaunch of this blog as my professional website (and sometimes still blog) – after all these years! While the blog is still an element of this site, including that I of course still wanted to host my many years of posts, I also wanted to turn this into more of a professional website, so it now has info on how you can work with me and information about my work as an editor and writer along with my conference presentations and other professional and personal bits. Huge thanks to websydaisy design for the new look.

Remember when library blogs were THE absolute best and we all learned from each other and shared and typed out stuff we had tried and failed and wanted to do? The good ol’ days! Hard to believe the first post on this site was in 2010. So much has happened in my world and the library world since then, that’s for sure. But I hope we all still have something to say to each other. Goodness knows I’d love to still be reading blogs so maybe one way to make that a reality is, well, to try writing on my own!

I can’t promise I’ll keep this blog as updated as I might dream of (just being realistic) but I do want to try to do a better job of sharing and creating content here. For the past two years, I’ve been out of public service and working in library consulting – it’s a whole different world so any content here will certainly reflect that in a variety of ways. As I hammer all that out, please feel free to explore the new site. I’d love to hear feedback from you about it or what I’d REALLY love is to hear about what kind of blogs/reviews/coverage in this section would be most helpful for you in your library practice. Nothing motivates me more than knowing what people want to read!

Let’s see where we find ourselves next, whaddya say?