should you really call yourself fat?

fatkiniYes indeedy, for fat I am!  (If it’s super-important to you, I weigh 250 pounds or so and wear anywhere between a size 20-28. Yes, that’s a real weight you can be and STILL HAVE A LIFE. I know you’ve been scared into believing that when you get this fat you can’t go on but you’ve got a warped sense of size, trust me.  I don’t keep tabs.  I state this implicity because, as Joy Nash would saythese are only numbers.)   Fat is just a descriptor for how I look, I reject it as a value judgment/moral statement about who I am. I am a feminist.  I think the personal is political. For me, that means issues about body image, size, weight, and how our society views and judges these issues are both personal and political and I choose to interact with them in both ways. You don’t have to agree, but you’ve been duly notified. With that in mind, this blog will deal with fat issues and fat acceptance/activism. (Never heard that term before?  You might have heard it called fat power or fat liberation.  You can read a little bit more about it at the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance or from the great Kate Harding.) And while that’s only one aspect of what this blog will cover, it’s not an insignificant one.  It’s personal.  And political.  I’m not only OK with that, I cherish it.

I am a cishet white able-bodied woman.  I am all about smashing and dismantling the cisheteronormative, white patriarchy however I can! I strive to constantly check and examine my privilege and do good in the world and I invite you to help me on my journey by talking with me honestly. My feminism is intersectional and ever-evolving. I believe “ally” is something I must prove and earn through action and not a title or status I simply have. Comments, discussion, and more are welcome and encouraged.  To be clear about it: all the thoughts and opinions expressed here (and on my twitter) are all my own and not my employer’s. You can contact me at fatgirlreading at gmail dot com